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Smartthink Ltd builds up solutions for Commercial Organizations, therefore aim to pass on practical and relevant information to our clients. We are a commercially aware organization.

Benefits in a commercially Aware/live IT organization

Nothing like most IT providers we work in the most fast evolving IT environment as complete IT Solution Provider. We develop, retain and finagle.

Our clients are from a varied range of sectors including finance, banking, universities professional service providers and private colleges

Smartthink Ltd have fully realized their potential by developing a strategic IT Infrastructure for many institutions in London like London Metro College, London Essex College, Risxcel UK limited, Lead Corporate Ltd ,Unihead Group Ltd and many other colleges.

We provide the following  professional IT  services locally in Ghana:

  • Endpoint security
  • Hardware/software Inventory
  • Software deployment
  • Security updates
  • Server administration
  • Patch management
  • Server and infrastructure monitoring
  • Desktop Management